I am Banksy

It is with wonder, I once again see, that my name and reputation is the object of exploitation for gain of money and inherent greed, for some people.

July this year, Steve Lazarides, according to his website and - news, is planning an unsanctioned “Banksy” exhibition, featuring works for sale, produced in the period between 2002 and 2008. In this occasion I have one question: “Mr. Lazarides – is this because Pest Control was not created until 2008?”

Lazarides claims as follows:
«This July, Lazinc will be diving into the galleries street-art roots, showcasing an exhibition featuring Banksy’s most iconic images. The powerful show will explore the anonymous artist’s most well-known artworks, including Girl and Balloon, 2006; an artwork that was voted as the nation’s favourite in 2017»

This begs my question:
“ Is he talking about my original Balloon girl, that I started spraying on walls in the late 1990`s, and into the early 2000`s, for the free enjoyment of the people?”.
This is still my work, showing my daughter loosing her red heart-shaped balloon in connection with the celebration of the Norwegian independence day, May 17th. This was voted UK`s favourite work of art in 2017. Was it not?
Or was it one of the copies of my original wallpiece, that was voted the nation’s favourite in 2017? If I am right, then you Lazarides should write: “copies of the artwork that was voted nation´s favourite work of art in 2017” in your advertisement.

This reminds me of another rather cool story, from way back, an early encounter with some of the guys behind the company known as Picture on Walls. In my mind, guys behind a company printing art were cool.
I decided to pay them a visit, show them my artwork, and maybe they would print my work. After a productive night in London, painting some wallpieces, I visited their “office”.

I showed them some work I had done the previous night. I asked them if this was something they could make some prints of.
The guys looked at my pictures. After they saw pictures of my Balloon Girl, they laughed in my face and called me an idiot.

So I left.

Shortly after my visit, the company Picture on Walls, gave out a print.
The picture of my daughter loosing her balloon.
Quite ironic looking back, that they laughed at me, and called the original creator of the work an idiot. The work that became voted UK`s favourite work of art in 2017.

With this in mind I want to remind you all: I am not represented by any person, gallery or company, and I am not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media.

And a comment to the latest allegation, that I am responsible for some wallpieces done last week (June 2018) in Paris, France, it is not true. Just imagine, if I was doing some illegal paintings on walls, that I would post it on social media and admit that I was the creator. This would be pretty lame in my opinion. I will let the public do the math and separate the fakes from mine.

I could have said that I have been to rehab and my therapist advised me to change environment, but I do not want to blame a therapist, and I want to keep it real.

Another real fact: I started with street art in the beginning of the 1980’s. The Banksy name was already created as my nickname before that, but it came to use in the middle of the 1980`s. This because I needed a fresh start after some trouble with the law enforcement, on grafitti charges in 1985, under a different name.

And lastly, a message for all of you faking my work and name for personal gain,
“If you want a voice, use your own, stop faking mine”.
And stop fooling art collectors, art institutions, museums, and people of good faith.
I have always been driven by a passion for art, and the creative forces within. I still am.

I will end this by saying; I am still alive,
so again stop faking my works and exploiting people in my name…


       Best Wishes